Brave history of the digital revolution

A long time ago, the internet started to play a major role in our daily lives. Everybody who hasn’t slept over the past twenty years knows how our life changes during this period of time. The Internet changes the way we live, how we think and, of course, how we do business! 

By 2030, almost everything we do will be inside virtual reality. Facebook’s Metaverse clearly shows where life will go on. In the future, private and professional life will be inside the digital universe. In the next few years you will communicate with people inside the Metaverse, meet with them and do business with them virtually. 

Time changes and we must adapt to it. When you think about what business will look like in 2022, you must consider the technological changes and the impact it will have on our daily lives. We don’t live and function in the same way like we did ten years ago, and neither does business. Opening a chain of fast food stores or tourist agencies offices is not smart anymore. 

That’s the reason why, here, we will dive into business ideas that will be profitabile not just in 2022, but in 2032 also! 

  The Virtual Earth Tour 

Did we say it’s not smart to open a tourist agency? Well, yes, if it’s not a digital tourist agency! Tourism as we know it is on the edge of survival, but people still want to travel. That’s why it’s very smart to offer people virtual tours. From a great winter destination such as Switzerland to tropical places like Thailand or Indonesia, you can offer a 3D vacation from any place in the world! 

If you doubt that this kind of business will not make you a good profit, feel free to check tons of YouTube creators like Jumping Places or Niklas Christl that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views from the people that want to see places from their computer. 

With relaxing background music and a view of Cebu’s beach, your digital travelers can relax on the sandy island from the convenience of their home. You can also offer them virtual travel by airplane to their favourite places, as there are tons of people that like the view from the sky. You can also offer them a walking tour in front of the tropical Amazon forests or a “3D” virtual ride in an amusement park. 

These days, with all of the restrictions and travel bans put in place, it’s very inconvenient to go out and relax. Sometimes even impossible. That’s why your virtual tourist agency can offer people a lot of fun options.

Business inside the cloud 

Even without pandemics, most businesses these days are transferring to the digital world and that trend will increase through time. All of this is a good reason to think about internet service companies such as encrypted cloud storage service, email or messenger service. As almost every part of our lives are presently uploaded to the internet, people want to secure it. That’s why encrypted internet services can be a good business model for you. 

Running a blog, making a website or offering a cyber security service to the business and individuals can be good as well because all of these businesses are related – or, in other words, connected – to the internet, so the future is promised! 

 Holzkern – a Best internet sales example 

Have you ever heard about Holzkern? If you like hand watches, you must check out this company! It is a German-based company that creates handmade watches from wood and stones. It’s the greatest hand watch company if you ask me! Rolex is nothing compared to them! 

Their business is a perfect example of an online selling business model. They make unique, handmade watches and then use the internet to present it and sell it to the customers. If you check out their Instagram account, you will see that they have a lot of followers and their website is a perfect example of how one of your websites must look if you want to gain the greatest revenue! 

What makes this company so special is that, first, they do not resell random stuff like the majority of other companies! Holzken has its own product. Secondly, they don’t sell classic hand watches – they have a unique hand watch brand. I saw a few companies on Instagram that imitate Holzkern, but they aren’t half as good as Holzkern are!

 Food on the move 

Pandemic in combination with digitalization makes people stay much more at home. Restaurants are very often closed because of covid restrictions and people prefer to eat in the convenience of their living room while watching Netflix. How can you use this change on the market to make a profit? 

McDonalds, KFC or Burger King are global brands. All of them offer similar products: the American type of fast food. 

What you can do is invest a little bit of money and make your own application where you will sell local specialities. So when people become tired of burgers and french fries they can come to your online store and order some real food, right? 

Energy is a new gold

As the world evolves, we can see that a lot of the government sectors transfer to the private hands. The manufacturers and big companies for example used to belong to the government and now are in the private sector. Even the police can be owned these days by security agencies or private corporations! It sounds crazy! Even crazier is that they can arrest you like government police, too! But let’s get back to business again. 

Among this list is energy also. 

In the United Kingdom and some of the US countries, gas and electricity are distributed by the private companies. This business still rises as in most countries the energy is still in the hands of the government.

If you are in one of those countries where electricity is owned by the government, this is what you can do.

You can open a consultancy company such as BusinessEnergyQuotes that will help those who need gas or electricity to get the best deal for the least costs. You will be between those companies that sell energy and their client as the trustful advisor that satisfies both sides.

Doesn’t sound bad, right?

Let’s get in touch

These are a few ideas that can make the digital world of business closer to you and help you to decide and think creatively about how you can make profit on the internet. In a few years, after reading this blog, send us an email of your successful business story and we will be more than happy to publish it!

Until they come, we wish you good luck and joy on the way to success! 

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