Digital introduction to an virtual world 

If you are at least twenty five years old or even younger maybe, you remember the rise of the internet and the way it changed the world! It was interesting, right? And if you feel sad because you were not involved yourself in that digital revolution, you didn’t invest a little bit in bitcoin or make an amazing app that will make you rich so far, don’t be desperate! New opportunities come on a virtual horizon for you! And the name is Metaverse!

Metaverse is the newest product of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. It is a virtual and augmented reality platform where we will, for a five to ten years, as Mark says live our parallel virtual lives. It’s something like GTA 5 ONLINE in 3D. you will not be playing it, but you will be inside of it actually! You will live it! 

And when I said Gta, Rockstar actually announced a new version of legendary “Gta San Andreas” that will come in a virtual reality edition. Sound’s amazing, right? 

So, the best way to present what the Metaverse is, if you haven’t read it or been in it so far is this:

Today’s technology allows us to do a video and audio call at very high speed with anyone in a world, in a moment. But the next generation of technology will allow us not to be users of social networks, but to be part of it. In 2025 when you decide to speak with your friends from college that you didn’t see a long time ago, from the other part of your country, you will not do audio or video call, you will have a virtual reality conversation. 

That means that you will sit in the convenience of your living room, wearing smart glasses that will be the door of the Metaverse, call your friend by saying her or his name loudly and then, when the person answers you, you will see the digital hologram of your friend on your couch. 

Even miles away, when both of you are connected on a Metaverse with its virtual and augmented reality, you will have the feeling that you speak with your friend like you are meters from each other. 

But what does it mean for a business? As you can guess, a lot! The Metaverse is like early Facebook or Youtube, it will be developed in a way that everyone will take a piece of cake, but also first be involved in making it. 

In the Metaverse you will be able to do fitness, so that means you can be a virtual coach, have virtual classes. In the metaverse, gaming will be a huge part of entertainment, so you can develop interesting interactive games. Today’s we also educate ourselves through the internet, so education will be a big industry also. Live seminars, courses. You can even create 2d versions of planets, mountains or rivers that will help our little people to have interactive and better ways to learn about this world in their classes. A lot of opportunities for those who want to catch it! 

Further, we will explore what the Metaverse, this virtual wild west can offer to those who want to use this opportunity to live better. 

Investing in Digital items


If you want to earn the most of it, you must be the first to invest real money into the virtual reality. And the good thing about this is that you don’t need to be a richer than a God neither rich at all to invest in digital metaverse items! 

With a few bucks or even a few of them you can buy a virtual car, apartments, or a virtual gas station and make yourself thousands of real dollars owning a virtual gas station? But, how is this possible? 

Very simply! When players want to drive their car inside virtual reality they will need to fill a gas tank with the car. The virtual car with the virtual gas. In order to do that, they must come to your gas station. Sounds wonderful and simple, right? So where are all of those neighbors or friends from the class that need to be rich as hell by now just owning a gas station? “Man, this journalist just lied to us so we read their blogs”. Not actually. 

In order to earn a lot of money, you must be smart. First, you must be one of the first to invest in a virtual platform. Because on that way you will buy an item for a lower price, the items will be available, and the platform will be under development. 

It means that if you buy a 20. Gas station in a virtual city, you will at first buy as cheap as possible, and second, when the platform gains a lot of players you will earn a lot of money. If you start to invest later on when the platform is already in development with thousands or even millions of users, you won’t be able to buy a lot of assets, they will be expensive and the profit will be lower. 

With the Metaverse, there’s no doubt, it’s still in development and if you have a smart and creative idea that will attract people, it’s smart to invest. But as we said, if you go to invest in virtual platforms that were already developed a long time ago such as IMVU or PolaCity you must play smart. To bring something new and blow users’ minds. As that requires a lot of creativity and research we can’t write a secret formula. Otherwise, everyone will get rich just by reading a blog? Such a perfect reality will that be! 

What else can you do? Well, you can buy a  city taxi service and advertising solace all around the city. So one day, and that they will come for sure when we speak about Metaverse, billions of people drive and have fun through virtual cities like they now surf through the web, big companies like Samsung, Nike or Zara will come to pay for virtual advertising. 

But of course, as we said, for this kind of investment, you must come first, invest money and wait for the profit. If you come in the future and buy a few billboards, it will be questionable whether you will even earn a third of your monthly income today. 

That’s why rich people are rich at first. They recognize opportunity, and they are crazy or wise enough to invest money and wait for a moment. Like the tiger waits a moment in a bush to attack the enemy.

The rest, 90% of little tigers will eat after the big dangerous gigant. 

It’s life dude, get over it! 

But, it’s not the end of the world, still there is the thing you can do if you are creative or innovative. 

You can even open a virtual tourist agency company inside virtual reality, where you can show to the people a virtual version of our physical world, or even one that you made, even more incredible that we speak this blog. 

Sell the virtual arts and objects 

If you are a creative person who knows how to create a 3D object, you can start making it and sell it to the players inside the game. The same rule applies here, if you are one of the first you will make the most of it! 

It’s the same when the early apps come into our lives. You remember the year 2010 till 2015. Maybe when developing an app was the high-demand industry. There was not an app at all so whatever you made you could earn thousands or even millions of dollars. Games like Angry birds, puzzles or even a phone light app brought fortune to its founders. After that, till today, there’s still a developer that makes a great app, but just a small amount of it makes serious money. 

The same will be with the Metaverse, the sooner you start, the more money you make. Later on, the market will change, but hey, you never know! 


In the future, maybe you will not watch a movie, but you will be inside the movie. For one and a half hour you will have the opportunity to live the life of the main actor in a movie, as probably the movies will stream as a sort of virtual reality through 3D technology. 

Can you imagine Start-Track or Game of Thrones in virtual reality. You can feel and be inside the battle, one on the earth before 500 years ago inside Game of Thrones or 500 years ago further, among the stars!

Virtual Personal coach 

Instagram revolutionized how the personal pilates, yoga or box trainer promote themselves and find the client. Even in the 90s there was  a video  tape with an exercise session that you can do at home. But virtual reality will bring this industry to the next level! 

Can you imagine a situation where you, as a personal trainer teach as many people as possible inside your virtual reality server. There, you can play whatever song you like, choose the environment well and you will do the training. Will it be a sandy beach, sport gum or on the roof of some tower with a view on a city? It’s all up to you! Or maybe, during the live virtual training season each player will be able to choose the environment and music for themselves. 

People will meet there under your virtual world and later than, who knows, maybe even go out, or start to date. Life and law always find its way at the end of the day!  

The virtual world is unpredictable 

Even if there is a clear view in a general term which industry will dominate and be profitable inside the upcoming virtual world, no one knows exactly how it will look like. Virtual reality was on its beginning like a social network 15 years ago. Facebook and Youtube in 2005 is what we see now when we look inside the virtual world. They are good highways to drive on, but where they lead, no one knows. But, isn’t that  the beauty of life? And isn’t life one big virtual game world with 8 billion people with all virtues and flaws and imperfections trying to do the best?

That is maybe the closest that virtual reality will be. We will see, and until then, we have the right to think and explore at Business Magazine!

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